Discover a new means of gastronomy which will be appreciated by every wine enthusiast. The Fresh-it device assures preservation of the original qualities of wine in an open bottle for up to four weeks.

Why to choose Fresh-it?

  • Worrying about what to do with an open bottle of wine will stop
  • Wine will keep its characteristic qualities for up to four weeks
  • Your wine selection will be more attractive and appealing to your guests
  • Fresh-it is a device that is easy to store and fits any place with no need of electricity
  • Easy to manipulate and multipurpose when used in gastronomy (preserving olive oils and premium distillates)
  • Your company will become a stronger competitor with great professionalism and more educated staff
  • Total business turnover will increase while the costs will get lower
  • Guests won’t hide their enthusiasm and will recommend your company further
  • The products are manufactured in the Czech Republic, therefore the public can get them for a fraction of the usual cost, compared to the competitors, while the highest quality design and industrial construction is kept